Chances Dances

Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean a night out dancing has to involve an overpriced superclub or some Boys Town bar’s attempt at a circuit party. And just because you’re straight doesn’t mean that you have to feel like an interloper at a gay club night. Chances Dances, which advertises itself as a “LezBiGayTransIntersexQueer” party, proves both points twice a month—first Saturdays at the Hideout and third Mondays at Subterranean. The regular DJs as well as the guests have a broad definition of “dance music,” which includes not only the clubby stuff you might expect but lots of rock and hip-hop you might not. The crowds at Chances tend toward the young and art-school fashionable—I’ve seen a lot of apparently hand-sewn costumes—and the vibe is on the hedonistic side.