Located on a drab, industrial stretch of Diversey in Hermosa, Dock 6 Collective is a modern furniture collector’s wet dream. As its name implies, it’s a collective of several independent designers and furniture makers, each with a unique style, but with an aesthetic tie that binds, too—sharp angles, clean lines, organic materials, minimalism; a sort of beauty by way of simplicity. Lagomorph Design, -Ism Furniture, Zakrose, and Navillus Woodworks all call Dock 6 home, and biannually the collective’s members invite the public to visit their workspace for highly anticipated open houses with art, furniture displays, and (at the most recent soiree) things like a photo booth and snow cones and drinks from Weegee’s. You might not be at a custom-furniture stage in your life, but it’s fun to pretend. —Gwynedd Stuart