Credit: Christopher Sonny Martinez

The bummer thing about most bondage gear—harnesses, leashes, and the like—is that it’s always black. Boring. I mean, sex play’s supposed to be fun, so why shouldn’t it look fun? Local queer designer Natalie Brilmyer—aka Gnat—makes vinyl cuffs, strap-on harnesses, and bras that are as colorful and sparkly as a carnival ride, and even more fun than that if you’re going to be, well, riding someone. Her website says: “Sexuality and kinkiness fuse with vibrant candy and toy plastic playthings to become the multidimensional bags, hats, and harnesses for those hyper individual, diverse, beautiful queer bodies!” The recent SAIC graduate also dabbles in laser cutting, printmaking, and painting, and her not-sexy-time clothing designs are totally fun and out-there. I heard about her stuff when a friend plugged her on Twitter, and I was drawn in by the brightness and body positivity. Even if bondage gear isn’t my thing, it’s awesome that it’s other people’s thing.