Credit: Robert Loerzel

Kaplan’s Liquors

960 W. 31st

lotto, package goods, and love
reads the sign in the window, and if you kept your eyes level
while popping in for a six-pack and some lottery tickets,
this would feel like just another well-preserved, tin-ceilinged, old-school Bridgeport bar. But stay a while, sipping your Old Style, and you might get the feeling you’re not alone. That’s because you’re drinking under the watch of Michael Jackson, Chucky, the Grim Reaper, Bozo, and some 120 other puppets, dummies, and marionettes from the collection of Mike Marzewski, brother of local art impresario Ed and son of sweet/tough owner Maria. They constitute only half of Marzewski’s collection; he moved them into the bar about a year ago, after the smoking ban made it safe for them to preside over the comings and goings.