Drag City Records usually rolls out some good promotional gimmicks every year, though two of its stunts pushing Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Wolf­roy Goes to Town missed the mark—the custom BPB coffee blend (by Hawaii roasters Kona Rose) and the BPB condoms felt pretty hokey and predictable. The label outdid itself, though, plugging Cave‘s latest album, Neverendless, last September. They pulled off a stunt that had also been famously perpetrated by the Rolling Stones in 1975 to announce a North American tour, renting a flatbed truck and having the band play on it while it drove around northwest Chicago—the main difference is that the Stones were already stars, while Cave merely should be. Cave’s short generator-assisted performance began at the Logan Square Monument, continued as the truck moved gingerly down Milwaukee, and ended on the curb outside the Double Door, where the police shut down the whole shebang after less than 30 minutes.