Credit: Andrea Bauer

Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild watches at Eclecticity

4718 N. Lincoln

The inexpensive but elegant timepieces sold at Eclecticity in Lincoln Square are as much wristwatches as conversation starters. Creative liberties have been taken with things like the hour, minute, and second hands. For example, you can choose a watch with Shiva yoga pose hands or Salvador Dali mustache hands. And the face of the Chaplin watch is filled with rotating factory gears, just like those in Modern Times. Eclecticity’s wristwatch selection varies from time to time. The Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare watches in particular make ideal gifts, if you can finde them in stock. Picture the Bard’s face on a yellow background, with a revolving passage that reads, “O time, thou must untangle this, not I, it is too hard a knot for me t’untie!” Or imagine Alice in her blue dress, a flurry of playing cards rotating around her. The March Hare might run late, but with a fancy Alice watch, you’ll have no excuse. —Sarah Louise Klose