Credit: Julia Thiel

Imagine a version of ice hockey where the players wear regular shoes instead of skates. You’ll need to picture a dozen people running around on an ice rink, trying to hit a ball the size of a softball (16-inch, of course) with sticks that sort of resemble brooms without the bristles—and occasionally falling flat as their feet go out from under them. I’ve never been able to muster much enthusiasm for watching sports, but the fact that once broomball players get some momentum it’s impossible for them to change direction makes for pretty entertaining viewing. It’s not uncommon to see a half dozen people continue sliding in one direction long after the ball’s been hit the other way. Of course, playing broomball is even more fun than watching—provided that you’re willing to collect a few bruises on your knees. My colleague Steve Bogira wrote many years ago in the Trib that “it requires little skill and no finesse,” and after playing in the league at Warren Park this year (the only place to play in the city, though there are a couple suburban leagues), I’d like to agree. Let’s just chalk up the fact that we lost every week to bad luck.