Chicago sound artist Olivia Block tends to make intricately detailed music that collides field recordings with live instrumentation in unexpected ways, but she outdid herself on Resolution (Erstwhile), a collaboration with Boston trumpeter and noise maestro Greg Kelley, creating her most surprising and disorienting piece yet. Using extensive and meticulous post­production work, she surrounded Kelley’s mix of breath sounds, sibilance, and brittle smears with ingeniously manipulated collages drawn from a variety of sources: room ambience, the sound of a cassette tape being played, field recordings made at a garbage-processing and recycling facility, even layers of unidentifiable noises she produced from the innards of a piano. The album’s form is something like a suite, with a series of movements that close around and recede from Kelley’s utterances, and the overall effect is that of a wordless narrative that’s carrying you toward a destination you can’t figure out—the best thing to do is enjoy the richness of detail along the way.