Seth Sher and Jon Ziemba of Coughs at Mr. City in October 2005 Credit: Philip Montoro

Nobody has ever whipped up such satisfying blurts and rumbles of demented, filthy noise as Coughs using so few notes and so many soup pots—and I’m not just saying that because they named themselves in joking homage to my old band Lozenge. (Lozenge, Coughs, get it?) They broke up in 2006, but they’ve turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving—the members of Coughs have started more than a dozen wildly varied groups since. Bassist Carrie Vinarsky and front woman Anya Davidson played bass and guitar (and both sang) in bad-vibes noise-rock outfit Cacaw. Percussionist Jon Ziemba now fronts no-wave torch-punk trio Bomb Banks. Keyboardist and saxophonist Jail Flanagan was in Learned Helplessness with guitarist Vanessa Harris and is now a member of Gula Gila, Box, and Forced Into Femininity (described by Gossip Wolf as “like Klaus Nomi singing opera accompanied by malfunctioning cash registers”). Harris, who’s moved to Oakland, plays in Sister­fucker, Stillsuit, and Mind Cemetery; original guitarist Kate Gronner (Harris’s predecessor) now lives in Providence, where she’s started a group called Teenage Waistband. Percussionist Seth Sher has been especially prolific: he masterminded minimalist zeuhl band Ga’an and triple-drummer monstrosity Akhkhazu, and he still plays in sequencer-and-drums solo project Psychic Steel, evil ambient three-piece Oakeater (whose next full-length comes out on Aaron Turner and Faith Coloccia’s label, Sige), and progressive thrash trio Zath (who have a seven-inch due on Ty Segall’s Drag City imprint, God?). No matter what these weirdos get up to, it’s worth your time.