Marguerite Gardens

5059 N. Clark

After being traumatized by the scary clown jars (see “Best place to buy a vintage scary clown jar”) it’s a real pleasure to round the corner and spend a soothing moment gazing into the window of Marguerite Gardens. The front display changes every couple of weeks or so. Currently it’s a quaint wooden patio table, painted white, with matching chairs, all bedecked with ferns. Prior to that a bicycle—”Marguerite’s bicycle from Amsterdam,” says Paul Munro, the main window display designer—served as a planter. Munro studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and says he gets a lot of his inspiration from magazines, farms, and old barns. (His Andersonville flat was recently featured in Apartment Therapy as “Paul’s Artistically Scavenged Apartment.”) The shop looks like a big room in someone’s home that’s been completely given over to flowers. —Jerome Ludwig