Slow-cooked beef short rib panini Credit: Courtesy Club Allure

Be careful not to capture any of the entertainers in the shot when you’re Instagramming your steak at this slick strip joint in west-suburban Stone Park. Rocco, Allure’s greeter (of course that’s his name), won’t like it. Owner Bob Itzkow—who’s perhaps best known for opening his strip club next door to a convent—tapped venerable North Shore fine-dining chef Michael Lachowicz to design a full restaurant kitchen and train the staff to implement his menu, which leans toward standard steak-house meat and potatoes rather than the formal French style Lachowicz is known for. Still, you can select from a handful of the chef’s sauces, from bearnaise to chimichurri, and your NY strip will be cooked just right. Burgers, lobster, coconut shrimp, and wings fill out the rest of the menu. The entrees aren’t cheap, but if you’re not here to make it rain, you’re just taking up space.