the exterior window of A Taste of Heaven, logo branded with people enjoying meals inside
A Taste of Heaven in Andersonville. Credit: Kirk Williamson

Chocolate cake is my favorite dessert of all time. I pick up a slice at Whole Foods at least once every two weeks, and it’s always my litmus test for any bakery. For me, every chocolate cake serves some kind of function. The Whole Foods slice is a biweekly affirmation that life is good, in spite of seemingly apocalyptic daily stressors. This one slice I procured in Madison, Wisconsin, symbolizes the importance of occasional opulence—sometimes it’s OK to splurge on seven layers of dark fudge and brown-butter caramel. 

A Taste of Heaven’s hazelnut chocolate torte is the epitome of cartoon foods. Whenever I watch an animated Disney movie, I always want to eat their food (the bread in Aladdin, the cakes in Alice in Wonderland). They look almost imperceptibly delicious, and sometimes I can’t even discern what they’re eating. To me, this hazelnut torte belongs in Bambi. Enveloped in a chocolate glaze, the dark chocolate cake is filled and frosted with a fluffy hazelnut buttercream. Bits of hazelnut float in the filling, offering up a satisfying crunch that anchors the cake’s silkiness. I imagine that Thumper, Bambi, and Flower are eating it tea-party-style in a meadow of flowers. The simple flavors and nuttiness feel like an appropriate afternoon treat for a whimsical woodland creature.

A Taste of Heaven Bakery & Cafe
5401 N. Clark

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