E&J Foreign Cars

4245 N. Western


I was fortunate enough to inherit a Mercedes, but let’s just say I didn’t inherit the know-how or the bank account to properly take care of one. So whenever my Benz needed some long-overdue work, I visited countless shady, opportunistic mechanics before I finally found E&J Foreign Cars. Lou and his crew are infinitely patient, highly honest, and incredibly reliable. When one of his guys drove me to work after I’d dropped of my car at the shop, he actually waited until I’d gotten in the building before leaving. His mama sure did raise him right! Lou reminds me a lot of my dad, in that he’s given me a goofy nickname and genuinely wants me to drive a safe car. Sure it’s not always cheap to own an older European vehicle, but I know that I can always count on Lou to keep that Benz goin’. —Dean Fisher