Harvard Hunting Club Game Dinner

Harvard Sportsmen’s Club, 21226 E. U.S. 14, Harvard

Since it’s illegal to traffic in game meat, animal lovers rarely have opportunities to sample wildlife in all its tastiness. But each winter the 300-some members of the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club lay out a veritable Noah’s ark on the buffet at their headquarters near the Wisconsin border. For a mere $10 donation (which squares it with the law), it’s an all-you-can-eat feast of nearly 60 different dishes, all killed, cooked, and contributed by the club’s widely traveled members. You never know what they’ll bag from year to year, but this year’s February smorgasbord included barbecued boar ribs, Italian venison, bear fajitas, Salisbury venison steak, boar ‘n’ kraut, goose breast, mule deer lasagna, pickled bluegill, antelope meatballs, deer liver sausage, pheasant egg rolls, pheasant a la king, elk tacos, corned venison and cabbage, bison chili, and a jambalaya of many critters. And banana ravioli. Mark your calendar for February 26, 2012. —Mike Sula