Honestly, if Ryan Duggan stole my girlfriend, kicked my dog, and got a job at RedEye hate-blogging about the Reader, I’d still consider him the cleverest and most inventive gig-poster designer in the city. Fortunately, Duggan is both a good friend of mine and a favorite freelance designer at the Reader (see the B Side cover of this issue), which has put his tongue-in-cheek humor and scrappy aesthetic to excellent use. His gig-poster work ranges from absurd and grotesque (a kung fu Gumby slicing himself open, intestines spilling out) to fuck-you-authority rebellious (a lone cinderblock flying toward a cop car’s window). His posters aren’t pristine pieces of gallery art, commissioned by a powerhouse indie label to promote, say, an M. Ward concert—they’re brazen and gritty, with a warped sarcasm that you may not get at first but will definitely appreciate when you see one hanging in a dive venue’s bathroom. Anyway, who doesn’t love the idea of a pitcher of beer surfing a wave? You can check out Duggan’s work at his booth at Flatstock, the gig-poster show at the Pitchfork Music Festival (July 13-15).