Credit: Frank Reedy

Refer to Chicago as “Chi-town” and you sound like a rube. (And for the record, something similar’s true in Atlanta—call it Hotlanta, get backhanded.) But slap a pound sign in front of a pun, suddenly the entirety of the Internet is on board. #Chiraq was big this year, but it was eclipsed by #Chiberia, the hottest hashtag about the freezing hellscape that was our city this past winter—the coldest four-month stretch since record keeping began in 1872, according to the National Weather Service. It was impossible to be completely warm and equally impossible to escape this witty reminder that we were living in what was basically a polar desert. As the polar vortex swept through the region, the hashtag spread like lake-effect snow across social media, building strength so quickly I’m not entirely certain how the tag originated. Anyway, here’s to weather that fosters more temperate and less popular hashtags. #TheBalmyCity, anyone?