Marie’s Golden Cue for an eight-second scene in The Dilemma

3241 W. Montrose

Geneva’s on the phone. She’s talking to Ronny, who’s riding the el. Geneva (played by Winona Ryder) tells Ronny (played by Vince Vaughn) she’s at home. But her companion whispers “It’s your shot” in her ear. Ronny hears it. Busted! The camera pulls back. We see chalked-up cue sticks, stripes and solids, and lights hovering over cool green felt tables—for all of about eight seconds. When Hollywood hit town to film The Dilemma last summer, I happened to cruise by Marie’s Golden Cue. Black curtains were draped over the art deco exterior of my favorite neighborhood joint. The retro billiard parlor, with its 1960s star-shaped marquee and $8 per hour pool tables, always seemed destined for stardom. But the product of a full day of filming turned out to be one blink-and-you-miss-it movie scene. Oh well. —Sarah Louise Klose