Credit: Aimee Levitt

Hot “G” Dog

During Hot Doug’s waning days last summer and fall, when lovers of encased meats mourned by waiting in nine-hour lines, it was hard to tell which aspect of the Hot Doug’s experience they would miss more, the specialty sausages and duck-fat fries or Doug Sohn’s genial presence. But now at least the sausages and fries are back, thanks to Juan Carlos and Octavio Garcia, two brothers who worked on the line at Hot Doug’s for most of its existence and who, earlier this year, received Sohn’s blessing to open up their own hot dog stand. At Hot “G” Dog, the Garcias are continuing the tradition of creative forcemeat, serving up elegant sausages filled with duck, rabbit, and pheasant (with cognac) and duck-fat fries on weekends. Do the fillings feel a little looser and the casings a little less snappy than Hot Doug’s? Or is your taste memory just tricking you because the lines are shorter and there’s no Doug? Why are you even complaining? There is duck sausage to be had once more!