Credit: David Libman

Maybe you could persuade a pushover promoter or bar owner to let your band play a 21-and-up spot if only one member is underage, provided the youngster has a guardian around and vacates the premises immediately after the set. But everyone in Twin Peaks is a teenager—on a couple occasions they’ve showed up at venues with their gear and gotten bounced at the door. Too bad they can’t use their EP Sunken as ID—already self-released via Bandcamp and due for a reissue through Autumn Tone on July 9, it’s full of catchy, well-crafted garage pop that sounds much older than their years, with a hint of 70s Marc Bolan glam and swagger sewn in. And they’ve only just gotten started. Though Twin Peaks can’t play at most establishments that serve adult beverages, they gig constantly, sometimes in your buddy’s Humboldt Park basement and sometimes at a giant all-ages punk carnival. They’re booked for this year’s Riot Fest (Fri 9/13), and hey, look at that, they’re even playing the Reader‘s Best of Chicago party at Metro (Thu 6/27). The kids will probably be all right.