Credit: Courtesy the artist

“Big Sexy Slide” by DJ Maine


In late 2013, bop kings Dlow and Lil Kemo combined their wild, euphoric dancing with the sort of party rap that’s made for it, releasing songs of their own with videos designed to teach you their moves. “The Dlow Shuffle” and “Kemo Step” were both regional hits, but Dlow’s track blew up bigger, helping him land a deal with Atlantic Records and spawning loads of imitations and homages. The best of the bunch came from DJ Maine, a heavyset bopper from the west side. In “Big Sexy Slide,” whose video mimics the DIY, recorded-­at-home look of Dlow’s clip, he demonstrates his own distinctive approach to bop. He yells out a series of moves as he does them: bop to the left, rub your belly, “take your shirt off one time” (he actually does it three times, repeating the footage with edits that simply cut to him with his shirt back on). DJ Maine spends most of the video bopping topless, looking invigorated by his liberation from half his clothing. He dedicates “Big Sexy Slide” to “big boys,” and promising at the start of the track that it’ll build their confidence—but everyone, regardless of body type, could take a lesson in poise from him.