Credit: Larry Sanders

Blue Buddha Boutique

Anybody who’s in the business of brainwashing women into buying more clothing and accessories will tell you the best way to brighten up a blah outfit is to add some statement jewelry. There are plenty of stores in Chicago selling jewelry that will help you state that you are a fun, fearless, sexy female. But sometimes you do not want to look fun and fearless and sexy. Sometimes you want to look imposing and scary and signify that you are not to be fucked or fucked with. Times like these call for chain mail. Or a mystical-looking orb or a small and tasteful animal skull—both on chains you can wear around your neck. This is when you pay a visit to Edgewater’s Blue Buddha Boutique, where you can choose from an array of statement pieces by local artists or, if nothing on the sales floor is suitably intimidating, take classes that will teach you how to weave your own chain mail.