Credit: Andrea Bauer

In Italy, sgroppino—cocktails made with lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco—are usually served as a digestif or a palate cleanser between courses. At Lone Wolf, where patrons are more likely to be having pre- or postdinner drinks than a full meal, it’s not likely to arrive between courses of food, but the fruity, refreshing cocktail works equally well as an aperitif. Stephen Cole, who designed the bar’s cocktails, learned about the 500-year-old drink from a business partner who visited northern Italy, and decided to put a modern twist on the classic cocktail. Instead of sticking with lemon and vodka, Cole created sorbets in combinations like lavender, lemon, and gin; cucumber, lime, and vodka; and—my personal favorite—strawberry, hibiscus, lime, and tequila. As the sorbet melts, it releases its flavors into the prosecco, making for a drink that actually gets better as it sits.