Credit: Courtesy Moody Tongue

Moody Tongue’s Sliced Nectarine IPA

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s tired of the unrelenting hoppiness of IPAs. In theory the style is fine, but in practice it’s become so ubiquitous it’s like having sriracha on everything you eat—you don’t taste anything else. Nay. You can’t taste anything else. Which is what I liked about Moody Tongue’s Sliced Nectarine IPA, one of the lesser-known varieties of brewer Jared Rouben’s food-driven beers. The IPA is pretty lightly hopped to begin with, and the citrus, also light, is enough to cut through the floral bouquet of the hops, so you don’t get that feeling of drinking your beer through a cloud of air freshener. It may not have gotten the PR of Rouben’s $120 truffle beer, but it’s the best argument yet for his culinary brewing.