Credit: Michael Boyd

Lincoln Karaoke

5526 N. Lincoln

It goes without saying that the first thing I thought about during my 30th birthday romp at Lincoln Karaoke this past April was how the hell I could get several complimentary plates of bacon for my friends to enjoy. Wait, that’s not true at all . . . not even a little. As we belted out “A Whole New World” from the Aladdin soundtrack, I began noticing the inexplicable mounds of bacon piling up in our room—a room which elegantly mirrored the inside of an early-90s prom limousine. The bacon did eventually take a backseat to everyone getting shit-plowed and singing Toto’s “Africa,” but I found out a couple of days later that with the purchase of two pitchers of beer, the fine proprietors of Lincoln Karaoke provide you with a free plate of crisped cured pork. I still don’t get it. —Kevin Warwick