Joong Boo Market Snack Corner

3333 N. Kimball

On Kimball just north of where the Kennedy and the Blue Line cross Belmont you’ll find Joong Boo, primarily an Asian grocery—bigger than a market, smaller than a supermarket—that can satisfy most of your weekly shopping needs. In addition to a wide selection of dry goods (including plenty of novel cookies and chips) and a decent produce section, it has a butcher, a fishmonger, and a large kitchenware annex. But the best reason to shop there is the tiny restaurant in back, which serves homey Korean fare. Dishes (about a dozen) all come with veg and kimchee; the ones that don’t have noodles come with rice. The spicy soups emerge from the open kitchen boiling furiously; you pick them up yourself and carry them precariously to your table, one of only half a dozen. And if you like the honeycomb bone soup, you can pick up some tripe and other ingredients on your way out. There’s free parking, but beware—despite the traffic attendant with the flags, this is Chicago’s best parking lot to not drive in.