Should you be looking for something to get me for my birthday—you’ve got about another week of shopping left, BTW—I might suggest a porcelain cake stand at Lost Eras, the Howard Street costume and everything-else shop. It’s shaped and painted to look like a classic white cake with strawberries, and it’s classy as hell. If for some reason you’re shopping for yourself, you’ll probably be successful in finding whatever it is you don’t need here. The front of the store is overrun with antiques—vintage pool balls, rusted kitchen implements, paintings, furniture, VHS tapes, jewelry, bric-a-brac—and could easily constitute its own store, except that there’s a whole other section in the back devoted to costumes, props, wigs, and sundry theatrical accessories. It seems to go on forever, though it also seems reasonably well organized. My favorite was a rack that, under the heading ETHNIC, specified GUATAMALAN, JAMAICAN, and HIPPIES.