Credit: Alison Green

Logan Square’s L’Patron is one of the best Mexican restaurants on the north side, and this top-notch taco joint comes with an added bonus: it’s open into the wee hours, which pretty much makes it the best place in town to stop at after an epic beer sesh. They serve up your standard late-night hangover protection—think giant steak burritos, salty chorizo tacos, and rich al pastor tortas—but they offer a few less-than-standard options as well, like tacos stuffed with fried shrimp and spicy serrano aioli and gooey, meaty quesadillas featuring thick, house-made tortillas. Not only is L’Patron significantly more delicious than any other postbar grub option out there, everything is cooked fresh and to order and made with high-quality ingredients, so in the morning you’ll feel human—or at least more human than if you’d opted for that heat-lamp-wilted jumbo slice or directed your cab driver to the McDonald’s drive-through.