Back in the 80s, when J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum published the book Midnight Movies, people went to the late show for weirdo cult cinema like Freaks, Eraserhead, Mondo Trasho, and Glen or Glenda? Now there’s more late-night programming than ever before, with Friday- and Saturday-night shows at the Music Box, the Logan, the Patio, and Landmark’s Century Centre, yet the offerings have become much more mainstream. (Landmark recently booked Love Actually, which I can only hope was a joke.) The only place in town carrying the torch for midnight mindfuck cinema is Facets Cinematheque, whose on-again, off-again Saturday-night series Facets Night School features local cinema nerds introducing their favorite obscurities: Scumbabies, Pulgasari, The Slumber Party Massacre, Drop Dead Gorgeous. Plus there’s a good 3 AM bar, Liar’s Club, just west on Fullerton, where you can drink to forget whatever strange stuff you’ve put in your head.