Caffe Streets’ premium cold-brew iced coffee completely transformed the way I drink java. It prompted me to abjure the addition of milk or sugar in any coffee; I decided that to truly judge the quality of a cup of joe, you have to drink it au naturel. Well, leave it to Big Shoulders Coffee to make me question such a hard-line stance. My girlfriend insisted that I try the White Hot, a drink she said was perhaps the best latte she’s ever had. I was skeptical, but one sip made me wonder if I’d ever again drink anything else. Brewed with the store’s own beans, the drink also includes citrus, star anise, cinnamon, milk, vanilla, and a little sugar, not to mention delicious house-made cardamom syrup. The cardamom is the most prominent flavor, but it’s not overwhelming—so expert is the balance of ingredients. And while it might be gross to drink a hot latte in the summer, there’s a White Hot for all seasons: Big Shoulders makes the Iced White between May Day and Halloween, using all the same ingredients together with the shop’s 24-Hour Iced Coffee.