The Hood Internet

Steve Ridell, aka STV SLV—the travelling, DJing half of indie-rap mashup duo the Hood Internet—maintains the group’s Twitter, keeping his timeline stocked with such staples of traveling-DJ-social-networking accounts as anecdotes based in airports, shouts out to the cities he’s performing in, and bleary-toned recollections of gigs the morning after. Which is fine—there are about a million DJs in and out of Chicago who get by on little more. What sets Ridell far apart from the rest is his deft touch with memes like #comedianbands, such witty tweets as “washed out ‘eyes be closed’ kinda sounds like chillwave U2 ‘in god’s country'” and the frequent references to his slavish devotion to Arby’s, a brand so worshipped by the Hood Internet that they used its logo as part of a T-shirt design. —Miles Raymer