Funemployed’s “Arcade Fire Hipster Attack” video

The week following this year’s Grammys provided some good chuckles for indie-music aficionados thanks to a certain meme capturing the anger, frustration, and confusion some pop fans felt about the 2011 Album of the Year winners. A Tumblr called Who Is Arcade Fire??!!? popped up and collected many a social-media post documenting the dismay some under-a-rock type folks felt when a band they’d never heard of walked off with such a primo prize. That joke wore thin quick, but a local comedy collective’s riff on the meme is still funny even now. The folks behind Funemployed—a Web series about postcollege life—put together a 37-second video depicting how music fans in the know might react to those unaware of the Arcade Fire. The cartoonishly violent “Arcade Fire Hipster Attack” is a brilliant twist on the “Who Is . . . ?” meme that turns the tables on everybody who got a laugh out of the anti-Arcade Fire hubbub in the first place. Like any good meme, it’s become something everyone can delight in. —Leor Galil