Michael Jordan

If there’s one local sports icon who could be seen as an inspiration for indie musicians, convention would point to Dennis Rodman; the brash, neon-splattered color schemes that are all the rage with some underground bands look like something Rodman could have dyed into his hair decades ago. And yet it’s Rodman’s more beloved and wholesome teammate whose image has quizzically been captured by musicians in a couple different midwestern microscenes. Michael Jordan probably didn’t inspire the guys in CSTVT to crank out heavy-hitting emo tunes, but that hasn’t stopped the group from plastering his face on a smattering of red t-shirts and selling them at shows. The same can be said for the two Wisconsin expatriates behind lo-fi tape label MJ MJ, aka Two Michael Jordans. Besides their invocation of the Bulls’ No. 23, the one thing connecting the dudes CSTVT and MJ MJ is the fact that they were all impressionable youngsters during Jordan’s heyday. Perhaps they’re trying to live up to some facsimile of the gold standard set by the great athlete, or perhaps they all love Space Jam. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that a love for Michael Jordan extends beyond the sports realm. Let’s see Lebron top that. —Leor Galil