Credit: Jim Newberry

The best indication of what to expect from 25-year-old writer Britt Julious can be found in her Twitter handle, which is also the title of her Tumblr: the witty portmanteau “Britticisms.” It’s remarkable how active she is on both platforms, even as she works at Groupon, serves as a senior editor at the terrific high/low culture blog This Recording, and writes regularly for Gapers Block, Rhizome, and Design Bureau, among others. Julious’s Twitter feed, which the Awl included on its “20 People to Follow on Twitter” list, alternates between endearing and earnest music recommendations (“Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder were perfection never to be duplicated”), clever observations (“My package of organic ravioli has a quote from Alice Walker on the back”), and amusing anecdotes (“‘Girl, we need to kidnap him’—the bus driver to me about a good-looking guy standing on the corner”). But Julious’s biggest achievement is her Tumblr, where the charm she brings to Twitter is enhanced with depth and inquiry. A recent passage: “‘You only live once’ is a crippling phrase, one that should inspire, but frequently produces dread.”