A barrel of Kikusui Funaguchis and Fernet and Colas Credit: Courtesy Billy Sunday

Plenty of words have been written about Billy Sunday‘s craft cocktails, tonics on tap, and extensive supply of obscure and top-shelf liquors. But early regulars at Billy Sunday were quickly and surreptitiously introduced to “off-menu” items, including house-made Zima and something known as “Guch.” They’re now on the menu under a section titled “Beloveds.” There’s the cleverly titled Shift Drink (Metropolitan Krankshaft Kölsch and an Elijah Craig 12-Year shot, a more upscale version of a PBR and Jamo) and Rainwater, a Barbeito 1995 “Freitas” single-cask madeira. But it’s the first two items on the list that are the most unusual (in the way that seeing Motley Crüe play the Symphony Center would be unusual): the Funaguchi and the Bottled Cocktails. The latter includes the Zima and a Fernet-and-cola mixture, among other presumably drunken creations. But the star of the show is the former: Kikusui Funaguchi, or “Guch.” It’s sake, it’s in a can, it has a plastic top that is a lot of fun to pop off (with your thumb), it has 19 percent alcohol by volume, and it will fuck you up.