Credit: Nick Murway

All right, just stay with me on this one. Before you read ahead because the thought of using a blow torch to get high on a Tuesday afternoon seems off-putting, remember that we are in 2023, and there are now a variety of electronic dab rigs that heat up on their own. They’re also safer to use because the hottest part of the rig is not exposed. 

My personal favorite rig is the Puffco Peak Pro. As someone who has smoked bud consistently for six years, my recent switch to concentrates could not have been kinder on my body. Once your tolerance is super high, you obviously have to smoke more to match your previous high, and what you’re left with is an itchy throat and perennially cannabis-scented clothing. 

Here’s an alternative: Order yourself an electronic dab rig online; head to a local dispensary (such as Sunnyside in Lakeview or River North); and grab a few grams of wax, shatter, or crumble—experiment as you please. No matter what you choose, you’ll have the cleanest and quickest high of your cannabis career. Cheers.

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