Credit: Louis Fitch

Beer gardens and street festivals may have long-running and well-established relationships with Chicago this time of year, but summer is also stripping season. Thank Debonair Social Club for helping thaw out this fair city, as its weekly No Tell Motel burlesque adventure continues to heat up Wednesday nights. Expect plenty of feathers, tassels, and nylon stockings in a lair that might not quite be the Admiral but isn’t that far off, either. Instead of stripper poles and full nudity, the hump-day party features pyrotechnics and dancers humping power sanders that spray streams of sparks into the audience. Past shows have included—but are not limited to—”midget burlesque,” Basic Instinct-style leg crossing and chair dancing in the red-lit basement (refashioned into a dirty-noir flophouse), and a redhead with a lightning bolt on her cheek dangling above the crowd, tied to the ceiling with ribbons.