Credit: Chris Boznos

Par-King Skill Golf

21711 Milwaukee, Lincolnshire

OK, it’s a bit of a hike, but Lincolnshire’s Par-King Skill Golf (“The World’s Most Unusual Miniature Golf”) is the best mini golf for miles, opened in Morton Grove in the 50s and rebranded as Par-King in the 60s. In its current location, where it’s run by the grandkids of the founder, it boasts 18 elaborate holes, including a magnificent roller coaster hole, a replica of the Sears, er, Willis Tower, and an “elevator” hole. Plus: Elephants and dinosaurs! Mount Rushmore! The Super Looper! Big scary clowns! Even some of the original course’s holes are still around, refurbished yearly, but at least one hole a year is replaced by a new one, designed in-house. Rounds are $7 during the week, $8 on weekends, and an additional 50 cents for night play. Kids must be four feet tall to play. Truly a putt-putt paradise.