I recently suffered a seemingly irreparable rift with a new pair of knee-high Coach riding boots. The right one literally split on me—at O’Hare. I’d just checked my bag, had worked my way to the front of security, quickly debooted, and was about to slip my stockinged foot back into the smooth leather lining when something went badly wrong. The lining tore in such a way that my heel was caught in the seam, which created a kind of sling. With no other shoes on hand, I had to hobble—one foot flat, the other on its tiptoes—both to the terminal and, after deplaning, from the gate to baggage claim, all the while annihilating the lining of my beloved boot. I was not optimistic about mending the damage. The saleswoman at the Coach store said the fix would be no big deal. I wasn’t so sure. I researched local cobblers before settling on the adorably old-school Theodore Shoe Repair. They, too, were skeptical. Their first fix—for a mere $15—didn’t last. But the second—which was free—has held up beautifully. Might I suggest that Theodore open a second location … at O’Hare?