Hoffman as Grandma Addams

Jackie Hoffman in Whining in the Windy City: Holiday Edition

Former Second Citizen Jackie Hoffman was in Chicago last winter, playing Grandma in the musical version of The Addams Family six days a week and performing her own little cabaret show, Whining in the Windy City: Holiday Edition, at the Royal George on the side. “Whining” is putting it so, so mildly. A literal old witch, Grandma’s got a mouth on her, but she can’t hold a candle to the flamethrower that is Hoffman. Pitched as a Jew’s yuletide lament, the show had its Semitocentric aspects—including a Christmas standard sung in Yiddish as part of a disquisition on how all the best holiday tunes were written by Jews—but the lion’s share of it was a raunchy, giddily mean, hilarious attack on you-name-it.