a funky mural with a lit up 400 in the center
The New 400 is Chicago’s longest-running movie theater. Courtesy the New 400 Theaters

It’s something special to see a movie at the New 400, Chicago’s longest-running movie theater. Up in Rogers Park, the New 400’s tickets are half the price of any AMC, their concessions are astoundingly affordable (go for it and get the popcorn), and their day-glo interiors are reminiscent of an 80s arcade or Jerry Garcia’s rec room. It’s amazing. 

The New 400 is a neighborhood theater that welcomes all to the experience of movie magic. Going to see a film pre-pandemic was an exercise in group catharsis—you could scream along with crowds of Loyola students at the theater’s late-night October scary movie series, or laugh at Vin Diesel chanting “family” over and over in the Fast & Furious franchise (yes, the New 400 carries first-run films, too). 

With the pandemic inextricably altering how and when we see movies, the theater has found itself in dire straits. With limited showtimes and increasingly empty seats, the theater is in danger of closing its doors. Please, I beg of you, do not let this happen! Do yourself, your BFF, your lover, your neighbors, your coworkers, your nemesis, and your cinematically inclined dog a favor and see a movie at the New 400. Not only will you not regret it, you’ll exit the theater with a smile and feel as you should after any movie—young, free, and happy.

The New 400 Theaters
6746 N. Sheridan

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