Credit: Clayton Hauck

Sparrow for Everyone

In recent years a beauty essential has been added to the standard cosmetics arsenal: so-called “miracle oil,” a cocktail of essential oils applied to soothe skin. I thought I’d found the right one, which cost more than three digits and was made by a high-end national chain. But I was wrong: the perfect blend was being produced and sold locally at Logan Square’s Sparrow Salon. Developed by co-owner Susan Flaga, who tired of googling the complicated ingredients used in other products, Sparrow for Everyone ($80 for a 50-milliliter bottle) is a blend of 12 healing plant extracts whose names need no further explanation—like almond, hazelnut, and jasmine, to name a few. Flaga’s recipe has become a cult favorite. “Men go insane for its razor-burn-healing ability,” she says, “and many women freak out about how balancing it is for their skin.” I can personally attest to the latter. Before I began using the oil, I went through a long morning ritual of layering oil, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and powder on my face. Now all I do is put on a tinted moisturizer before running out the door because the texture of my skin has so greatly improved. Besides working as a moisturizer for face and body and as an aftershave balm, Sparrow for Everyone can be used as a face wash, makeup remover, bath oil, or hair serum—putting the “miracle” in “miracle oil.”