Credit: Nathan Christ

As much as there is to like about technologies like smartphones and cheap prosumer digital cameras, they’ve attracted some criticism for enabling the swarms of concert documentarians who distract or disturb the people who are just there to enjoy the music. But it’s impossible to hate John Yingling, who for the past five years has been at seemingly every vaguely artsy-weird rock show in the city shooting video for his blog, Gonzo Chicago. Yingling’s hyperactive passion for the local music scene is infectious, and he’s so committed to jamming econo—he threw himself headlong into this project armed with little more than a shitty point-and-shoot camera and a Blogspot account—that you have to respect it. After some crowdsourced fund-raising, he’s finally upgraded to decent equipment, and he’s redoubled his efforts to make sure that not a single event in the underground rock scene happens off-camera.