Daniel Smith


Few Facebook band descriptions say as much about the man behind the music as the one for Red Electric Rainbow, the main synth project of local experimental scene maker Daniel Smith: “The speed of light, only faster.” Smith has got to move at some kind of insane speed to pull off all the work he does as a musician, label honcho, and concert organizer. He’s made more than 60 recordings under a variety of names—the aforementioned Red Electric Rainbow, 70s Era Pink Floyd, Dead Pilots, Daniel Smith, En Passant—and that doesn’t even include the near-dozen releases he’s got planned for the rest of the year. He also runs two cassette labels, Neon Blossom and the new Hyperdelic. Oh, and he books shows: he’s cofounder of Neon Marshmallow Festival, which assembled an impressive lineup of experimental and electronic acts for its second edition earlier this month, and organizer of a variety of DIY events around the city. I won’t even get into his day job. —Leor Galil