Credit: Bill Smith, NHLI via Getty Images

Jim Cornelison, Blackhawks

What, you think the Reader has to be contrarian about everything? Not on this. Cornelison’s big, brawny version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” not only helped restore the roar to Blackhawks fans following their exodus from the old Chicago Stadium to the United Center but has been appropriated by the Bears and the Bulls for special occasions, such as playoff appearances (unfortunately with dismal results of late, not entirely his fault). Cornelison first sang for the Hawks 15 years ago but has been their regular anthem singer since 2007. Until the White Sox bring back “America the Beautiful” as their occasional anthem, which they sometimes used in the 80s, this will remain the definitive opener for a sporting event in the city of the big shoulders, no matter how oversize Cornelison’s gesture gets in pointing out our flag was still there. —Ted Cox