We’re all pretty patriotic when it comes to our neighborhoods—their distinct character, shared history, and occasional natural enemies. It must have occurred to designer Steve Shanabruch that Chicagoans could rally around the right hyperlocal emblems, so he made logos for every neighborhood in the city—77 in all. In each, a pithy doodle with the hood’s name in a unique font is superimposed over a grainy, black-and-white photo of something intrinsic to the area, like the Union Stock Yard Gate in Back of the Yards or ivy-covered el tracks in Ravenswood. They’re accompanied by a thoughtful history written by Shanabruch. The windswept Puerto Rican flag flies next to a precociously squat 60s font in Humboldt Park’s logo. It could inspire you to move in, if only there weren’t one just as perfect for your own stomping grounds. The project’s up online and Shanabruch will be selling prints in a few months.