The Cap’n Jazz reunion has come and gone, but the spirit of that band is alive and well in Coping. Though the four-piece has only been around for about a year, Coping has already managed to assert itself as a force to be reckoned with in the local DIY punk scene thanks to its cathartic, rambunctious live shows. The group’s music straddles the line between tight-knit composure and balls-out messiness, and the songs are held together by the band members’ chemistry and willpower. The cherry on this new-emo sundae comes from Coping’s trio of vocalists, who gleefully and faithfully yelp lines about the existential crises of maturing. One listen to “Left Ear,” the lead-off tune from their debut EP, Lawndale, is enough to hook anyone who’s even casually interested in emo’s glory days; in less than two minutes, the band bottles all the power of that beloved sound and releases it in one fresh, exuberant burst. Twinkly, hyperactive 90s-influenced emo has become all the rage in the national underground punk scene, with acts like Algernon Cadwallader and Snowing leading the charge, but few pull it off with the sincerity and finesse of Coping. —Leor Galil