Credit: Aundre Larrow

Logan Square was in need of a general-interest bookstore. (There’s Bucket o’ Blood Books and Records, but that’s pretty genre-specific.) So Uncharted Books, started up in January by 26-year-old Tanner McSwain with help from a Kickstarter campaign, has been a welcome addition to the hood. Like all the best used-book stores, Uncharted has an unpretentious, borderline-quirky charm: it’s roomy, the vibe is casual and comfortable—ideal for unhurried browsing—and there are tables and chairs for hanging out (which McSwain encourages). And for a fledgling bookshop the stock is pretty good; I scored a hard-to-find Hans Fallada title there. Uncharted hosts the occasional author event, and Wednesdays are Game Night. Plus there’s Ramona, as sweet a bookstore dog as you’ll ever meet.