charburger at Edzo’s Burger Shop

1571 N. Sherman, Evanston

DMK Burger Bar, the Bad Apple, M Burger, J. Wellington’s—there’s no lack of contenders in this category. But I’ve gotta give the crown to Evanston’s Edzo’s. Chef Eddie Lakin spent months perfecting the formula for his hamburger meat, USDA choice that’s ground fresh daily and comes griddled (as a single, double, or triple), as a patty melt, or as a big, fat, juicy charburger. Five cheeses, “half-buck” toppings (jalapeños, giardiniera, garlic butter), and “buck” toppings (bacon, egg, sauteed mushrooms) provide for any number of combinations, but so far I’ve been consummately satisfied by a simple cheddar charburger with grilled onions, paired with a side of crispy brown “old fries” and a chocolate-banana shake. Still, I’m anxious to try the recently introduced $2 upgrade to humanely raised “fancy” beef from Niman Ranch and Dietzler Farm, not to mention weekend-only farmers’ market specials like a strawberry-balsamic shake.