Credit: Courtesy of Middlewest

Derrida meets Pepin in Middlewest, which calls itself a “deconstructed” food magazine. That’s not a conceptual but a literal description: the semiannual publication comprises a stack of colorful unbound pages of laminated heavy stock—so that each is, in effect, a recipe card. A literary supplement is included too. The publication, which debuted in April (after funds were raised on Kickstarter—$26,000 of a $9,000 goal), is the brainchild of former Time Out Chicago food editor David Tamarkin and photographer Erica Gannett, with design by Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi’s Sonnenzimmer—a real meeting of the creative minds, in other words. The result is a triumphant marriage of form and function, and the coolest food magazine you’ll see for a while.