The local rock scene has enjoyed something of a psychedelic renaissance over the past few years, with groups such as Disappears and Cave combining the essence of the style with a variety of other sounds. But some of the most interesting Chicagoan reinterpretations of psych haven’t been by rock bands but by producers. Leading the pack are Sich Mang, The-Drum, and Supreme Cuts. Sich Mang morphs the uptempo dance music called footwork into a heady, spaced-out sound they’ve christened “wurkstep”; The-Drum and Supreme Cuts aren’t so keen on labeling their eclectic styles, but their trippy takes on R&B (and, in Supreme Cuts’ case, an array of hip-hop subgenres too) fit right in with Sich Mang’s oeuvre. All three acts have new music coming out this summer: Sich Mang has an EP due on Rainbow Body, The-Drum is releasing the free EP Sense Net through fashion house and label Mishka, and Supreme Cuts are putting out the mix tape Chrome Lips on Mishka and their debut album, Whispers in the Dark, on Dovecote.